Happy children in the school holidays

Happy children in the school holidays



Of course, TV and screen time in moderation can be a good thing, however too much screen time for your child can get in the way of physical activities, learning new skills and spending time with friends and family, but how much TV/screen time is too much?

It’s recommended that children between the ages of 6-12 spend no more then 2 hours a day watching TV. However, according to the University of Michigan, children are spending an average of 5 hours sitting in front of screens a day or 35 hours per week. What does this mean for your kids and what effect is it having?

Too much screen time has been linked with serious issues such as obesity, irregular sleeping and has been known to limit their attention span. We know it’s easier said then done, but we recommend they switch off, go outside, play with toys, or do something creatively stimulating.

KCA allows your child to be the creative storytellers that they are and contribute to what is on screens by getting behind the screens to create. If your kids love screen time, then this is a way to get them active and thinking about how stories ‘end up’ on screens.

Content ‘creators’ rather than content ‘consumers’



It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old the importance of learning can’t be over looked. Every time you learn a new skill you create new pathways in your brain. So every time your child learns a new skill, picks up a hobby or is taught something new it transforms their neuro-circuitry.

Certain things, such as learning a language, picking up an instrument, or playing a new sport, are much easier when you’re young. So why not get your child to fully maximise their potential learning abilities.

Kids Camera Action provides workshops that enhance skills and teaches new ones. It’s a great way to keep kids occupied, whilst having fun, learning new things, and putting their ideas into practice. The best part is, they will have something to show their friends when they get back to school. Check out some of our upcoming workshops if your child is looking to pick up a new hobby these holidays.



Children’s social development is directly linked to their emotional development. By interacting and playing with other children this will help them to better understand the emotional needs and feelings of others. As well as understanding how their own behaviour influences those around them.

Social skills are a very important part of life, so the more your child is exposed to new people and situations the better they will be able to befriend, talk and communicate with others. With each new interaction your child’s confidence will grow. All this contributes to them being a more well-rounded and social individual, preparing them for school, work and life.

So encourage your kids them by putting them in new social situations these holidays at a KCA workshop where kids attend from all over Adelaide.


Chloe Gardner

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      My son Jeff (13yo) had a great time at the Mitcham Workshop!  So, I think you will be seeing us again!

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      I love coming to Kids Camera Action every week.  It makes me happy that I do filming all the time

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      Zac loved the movie and the course – he was very upset to finish up. Thank u for all the work. He will see you again soon

      Thank you for all your help and assistance over the years with our products.
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      The short films Sebastien has made with you at KCA this year have been an invaluable experience and so much fun. Thank you so much for everything you do for the kids! Looking forward to making many more films in the future.

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